Committee Members

For questions/concerns, please contact Charles Kennedy ([email protected] |541-633-2015 ) of DEQ or Tom Demianew of ODA ([email protected] | 541-969-6282)

Scott Lukas– Committee Chair, OSU Extension
Janet Greenup– Lead Agency Implementing Local Action Plan, Morrow SWCD
Miff Devin– Committee Vice-Chair & Food Processor Sub-Committee Chair, Public Water Systems Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Port of Morrow
Scott Morris– Public Water Systems Sub-Committee Co-Chair, City of Stanfield
Aaron Madison– Irrigated Agriculture Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Madison Farms
Mark Millard– Irrigated Agriculture Sub-Committee Co-Chair
Pete Meenderinck– CAFO Sub-Committee Co-Chair, M&P Dairy
Dixie Echeverria– CAFO Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Columbia Feeders
Carla McLane– Rural, Open, & Green Space Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Morrow County Planning
Eileen LaramoreRural, Open, & Green Space Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Tour of Knowledge                                                                                             Kyle Waggoner- Livestock Sub-Committee Chair, Umatilla SWCD
Tom StraughanLivestock Sub-Committee Chair, Umatilla SWCD
Aaron PalmquistEducation / Outreach Sub-Committee Chair, City of Irrigon
Tom Demianew Committee Member, Oregon Dept of Agriculture