Governing Body and Bylaw

Governing Body and Bylaw

Main contact: Dr. Salini Sasidharan, LUBGWMA Committee Chair, [email protected]

Lead Agency for Implementing Action Plan: Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation District

LUBGWMA Membership Categories and Executive Committee Members (Current)

  1. Morrow County – Tamra Mabbott (Interim Appointment replacing Commissioner Melissa Lindsay)
  2. Umatilla County – Commissioner Dan Dorran (committee vice chair)
  3. Science and Research – Dr. Salini Sasidharan, Oregon State University (committee chair)
  4. Industry and Business – Brian Crawford, Lamb Weston
  5. Irrigated Agriculture – Aaron Madison, Madison Farms
  6. Livestock/Dairy/CAFO – Greg Harris, Threemile Canyon Farms
  7. Environmental – Karen Lewotsky, Oregon Environmental Council
  8. City Government – Aaron Palmquist, City Manager, City of Irrigon
  9. Tribal Government – Eric Quaempts, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR); Alternate: Don Sampson, CTUIR
  10. General Public (2 positions) – #1) Kristin Anderson Ostrom, Oregon Rural Action; #2) TBD

Supporting State Agencies

The committee is supported by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. For questions, contact Randy Jones of DEQ ([email protected] | 503-734-4193) or Paul Measeles of ODA ([email protected] | 503-580-3893).

Visit the Agencies and Organizations page to learn more about the roles of local and state government agencies in the LUBGWMA.

Past Members (From September 2022)

Commissioner Melissa Lindsay – Morrow County (Category Morrow County)

Past Members (Prior to September 2022)

Scott Lukas – Chair, OSU Extension 
Janet Greenup – Lead Agency Implementing Local Action Plan, Morrow SWCD
Miff Devin – Committee Vice-Chair & Food Processor Sub-Committee Chair, Public Water Systems Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Port of Morrow
Scott Morris – Public Water Systems Sub-Committee Co-Chair, City of Stanfield
Aaron Madison – Irrigated Agriculture Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Madison Farms
Mark Millard – Irrigated Agriculture Sub-Committee Co-Chair
Pete Meenderinck – CAFO Sub-Committee Co-Chair, M&P Dairy
Dixie Echeverria – CAFO Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Columbia Feeders
Carla McLane – Rural, Open, & Green Space Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Morrow County Planning
Eileen Laramore – Rural, Open, & Green Space Sub-Committee Co-Chair, Tour of Knowledge
Kyle Waggoner – Livestock Sub-Committee Chair, Umatilla SWCD
Tom Straughan – Livestock Sub-Committee Chair, Umatilla SWCD
Aaron Palmquist – Education / Outreach Sub-Committee Chair, City of Irrigon
Tom Demianew – Committee Member, Oregon Dept of Agriculture


Bylaws refer to the regulations and rules established by the LUBGWMA Committee for internal management. The bylaw cover areas of LUBGWMA goals, formalities concerning the holding of meetings, the voting entitlement, the powers, duties, and qualifications of Chair and Vice Chair, provisions for appointing committees members, role of agencies, ground rules, etc.

History of Bylaw Formation

A Draft Version 1 of ‘Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area Committee Bylaws and Policy Annex, November 2022’ has been prepared by the LUBGWMA Bylaws Subcommittee. The draft is currently under review by the LUBGWMA Executive Committee and will be presented for approval at the Public Meeting on February 17th.

Version 1. Bylaws Subcommittee Members:
Salini Sasidharan, LUBGWMA Chair, Oregon State University
Justin Green, Justin B. Green Consulting, Consultant for NOWA
Karen Lewotsky, Oeconline
Kevin Payne, Morrow SWCD
Aaron Palmquist, City of Irrigon
Randy Jones, Regional Solutions Team, DEQ