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LUBGWMA Ground Rules

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State of Oregon Groundwater Management Area Statute:

State of Oregon Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (a database for all surface and groundwater quality parameters):

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Groundwater Management Areas (an overview of each designated GWMA):

Story Map for Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area (an outline of activities in the SWV-GWMA):

Home Page for Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area:

Home Page for Northern Malheur Groundwater Management Area:

Meeting Presentations

1-14-21 Meeting – LUBGWMA TIW Process by Todd Jarvis and InterACTWEL by Meghna Babbar-Sebens

11-3-20 Meeting – Todd Jarvis Recorded Video

11-3-20 Meeting – OSU Amin Nouri Presentation

11-3-20 Meeting – Rachel Nash Umatilla SWCD Presentation