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LUBGWMA Subcommittees

LUBGWMA Subcommittees

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1. Funding Subcommittee

Objective: To source and allocate financial resources effectively for the overall operations and specific projects of the LUBGWMA Committee.

Subcommittee Coordinator/s: Dan Dorran (PM); Gregg Harris(AM)

Task Forces

a. Political/Legislative Funding Task Force – Task Force Facilitator/s: Gregg Harris (PM)

Aim: To cultivate partnerships at State, Federal, Local, Regional, and Private levels, leveraging political and legislative opportunities.

b. Research Funding Task Force – Task Force Facilitator: Salini Sasidharan (PM)

Aim: To find collaborative State, Federal, and Private research funds, ensuring sustainable research backing for the LUBGWMA initiatives.

2. Technical Subcommittee

Objective: To gather, analyze, and manage all data relevant to the LUBGWMA, ensuring the Committee’s strategies are data-driven.

Subcommittee Coordinator/s: Salini Sasidharan (PM); Ian Toevs (AM)

Task Force

a. Hydrogeology of the Basin Task Force: Task Force Facilitator/s: Salini Sasidharan (PM)

Aim: To continuously study and update the basin’s hydrogeological profile, ensuring LUBGWMA’s strategies align with current realities.

b. Postdoc Task Force: Task Force Facilitator/s: Dan Dorran (PM)

Aim: To harness postdoc researchers’ research and analytical capabilities for the benefit of LUBGWMA

c. Bylaw Task Force

Aim: Update and manage the Bylaw of the LUBGWMA Committee


Salini Sasidharan, LUBGWMA Chair, Oregon State University
Justin Green, Justin B. Green Consulting, Consultant for NOWA
Karen Lewotsky, Oregon Environmental Council
Kevin Payne, Morrow Soil and Water Conservation District
Aaron Palmquist, City of Irrigon

3. Communication Subcommittee

Objective: To disseminate information effectively within the LUBGWMA and to external stakeholders, ensuring transparency and fostering partnerships.

Subcommittee Coordinator/s: Misty Edgecomb (PM); Debbie Radie (AM)

Task Forces

Formal Communications Task ForceTask Force Facilitator/s: Salini Sasidharan

Aim: To ensure that all official communications, announcements, and publications are consistent and accurately reflect the LUBGWMA’s stance. This includes the LUBGWMA website and email management.

Members: Salini Sasidharan; Kevin Payne; Laura Gleim; Dan Dorran

4. Liaison and Partnership Subcommittee

Objective: To navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring LUBGWMA’s activities remain compliant and foster strong regulatory partnerships.

Subcommittee Coordinator/s: Jake Madison (PM); Karen Lewotsky (AM)

Task Forces

5. Best Management and Monitoring Subcommittee

Objective: To oversee and continually refine strategies for monitoring Best Management Practices (BMP) and groundwater quality for LUBGWMA initiatives.

Subcommittee Coordinator/s: Bob Waldher  (PM); Tamra Mabbott (AM)

Task Forces

a. Innovation and Technology in BMP Task Force – Task Force Facilitator/s: Jake Madison

Aim: To ensure the LUBGWMA stays at the cutting edge of Best Management Practices (BMP), leveraging the latest technology and innovation.

b. Monitoring Technologies and Tools Task Force – Task Force Facilitator/s: Gregg Harris

 Aim: To explore, evaluate, and recommend the latest monitoring tools, technologies, and software that can be adopted to improve oversight and data collection.